Aura AuraModel


The base plugin for a model.


All models use this plugin, and all methods it provides are available to all Aura/Sequel models.


  • children Returns the children of the record.
  • crumbs Returns an array of records of breadcrumb path of the record, starting from the root.
  • menu_title Returns the name of the record as it should appear on the menu.
  • parent Returns the parent.
  • parent? Determines if the record has a parent.
  • parentable? Determines if the record can have children.
  • set_fields Sets the fields to the values in the hash.
  • shown_in_menu? Determines if the record should be shown to visitors in the site menus.
  • sort_index This is what they'll be sorted by.
  • submenu Returns a list of items for the submenu.

Class methods

  • class_name Returns a string of the model's name for use in URLs.
  • content? Returns if the model data is considered to be site content.
  • parentable Determines if the model can have children.
  • path Returns a URL path for an action for the model.
  • roots Returns a set of results of all records that don't have parents.
  • seed Ensures that the model has some bare essentials in it.
  • seed! Like `seed`, but empties the table first.
  • title Returns a string of the model's name to appear on pages.
  • title_plural Returns a string of the model's name, pluralized, to appear on pages.