Aura lets you build CMS-powered sites in Ruby.


Assuming you have Ruby installed (at least 1.8.7), just install the gem.

$ gem install aura --pre

$ aura

Getting started

Start a new project

Start a new project using aura new. This creates a folder with a simple bare-bone Aura project.

$ aura new myproject
   create  myproject/
   create  myproject/
   create  myproject/init.rb
   create  myproject/app/
   create  myproject/app/models/
   create  myproject/app/models/page.rb.example

Install the needed gems

Using Bundler, this is pretty easy.

$ cd myproject/
$ bundle install

Configure a database (optional)

Sequel uses Sqlite by default. To point it to another database, edit the config/database.rb.example file.

[config/database.rb (rb)]
Main.configure do |m|
  m.set :database_url, "mysql://root:pickles@localhost/db_name"

Start it up

Your app is a Rack app. Visit http://localhost:4833 to see it. (Default user is

$ thin start
* Starting server...
>> Thin web server (v1.2.11 codename Bat-Shit Crazy)
>> Maximum connections set to 1024
>> Listening on, CTRL+C to stop


  • For designers and site builders:

    • Be in full control of markup, and write in whatever template language you're comfortable with.
    • Build custom page types that will the custom fields you need with the template you define.
  • For site owners:

    • Use a CMS with an interface you will love, rather than put up with.
  • For developers:

    • Easy-to-extend with a simple extension system.
    • Built on top of Sinatra, a tried and tested microframework.

Source code on GitHub


  • Aura The main class.
  • HashArray A stopgap solution to Ruby 1.8's lack of ordered hashes.
  • Main The main Sinatra application.

Sequel plugins




  • Terra Terra is a form builder.