Aura Views


Aura has a unique way of handling views, different from Sinatra's render.

Creating views

To create a view, put them in the view/ folder of your extension.

[app/views/hello.haml (haml)]
  Hello, world!

Showing views

Now call it in your Ruby code using show. Unlike Sinatra's render, using show will automatically try and find the file in the view directories of all extensions, and guess the right filetype based on the extension.

[app/routes/hello.rb (ruby)]
get '/hello' do
  show :hello

Showing views for models

You can pass a model to show. In this example, since the record is a Page, Aura will render :page/index or :base/index, whichever it finds first.

page = Page['/about.html']

show page, :index


Using Partials

Aura provides a partial helper.

[app/views/hello.haml (haml)]
  != partial :'hello/heading', title: 'Hello'

Defining partials

[extension/myext/views/hello/heading.haml (haml)]
%h1= title


Defining layouts

Use the layout helper to define which layout will be used. This example will look for a view called cart.haml (or any other layout extension).

[app/views/cart/list.haml (haml)]
- layout 'cart'

%h1 Your shopping cart

Layout files

Layouts are ordinary view files that use yield.

[app/views/cart.haml (haml)]
!!! 5
  %title Shopping cart
    != yield

Nested layouts

You may nest layouts using the layout helper in layouts as well. This example will place everything inside the default.haml layout.

[app/views/cart.haml (haml)]
- layout 'default'

  != yield

Content sections

Content sections

Aura uses sinatra-content-for. In your views, you can use the content_for helper.

[app/views/cart/list.haml (haml)]
- layout 'cart'

- content_for :sidebar do
  %h3 Your cart
  %a(href='/checkout') Checkout
  %a(href='/') Continue shopping

Defining regions

In your layout, use yield_content to show the content for it.

[app/views/cart.haml (haml)]
  != yield_content :sidebar

View folders

Using show will find the file in all view directories. Those are:

  • Your app's view path (app/views/)
  • Views in your extensions
  • The default views in the Aura gem


For instance, if you have this structure:

'- one/
|  '- views/
|     |- home.haml
|     '- footer.haml
'- two/
   '- views/
      '- header.erb

for #show

You can then use:

show :home       # Finds one/views/home.haml
show :footer     # Finds one/views/footer.haml
show :header     # Finds two/views/header.erb

for #partial

This is also done for partials:

partial :header     # Finds views/header.erb
partial :header, :name => "Archer"