Aura Extensions


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You may package your entire app/ folder as an extension by copying it into extensions/my_extension/. You may then redistribute it for using in other Aura apps.

(All files and folders above are optional. Just use what you need!)

  • Each extension can have models/, routes/ and helpers/ and all Ruby files inside them are autoloaded.
  • You may also have a YAML file called info.yml, which hosts metadata about your extension.
  • The directories described above are all optional.


Custom extensions go into extensions/<extension_name>/. Here's what happens when the extension is loaded:

  • After everything is set up, extension_name.rb is loaded.
  • init.rb is called after all extensions are loaded.
  • All Ruby files are loaded from init/, models/, helpers/, and routes/.


Defining metadata

Use info.yml in your extension.

[extensions/twitter/info.yml (yaml)]
name: Twitter integration
author: Rico Sta. Cruz
description: Shows twitter feeds in the home page.

Loading extensions

Loading extensions

Edit config/extensions.rb of your app.

[config/extensions.rb (ruby)]
Main.configure do |m|
  m.set :additional_extensions, %w(default_theme)